We help

US & Asian Companies

in telecom, media and technology (TMT) identify and act upon strong opportunities for market entry, growth and innovation


Expertise across the value chain

    Opportunity Assessment + Validation

    We use qualitative and quantitative methods to test, validate, and refine hypotheses about new market opportunities

    Competitive Landscapes + Benchmarking

    We help clients in established industries understand where their competitors are moving, and the broader market dynamics behind those trends

    Market Modeling

    We use quantitative methods to undertstand how large an opportunity could be over a longer time horizon and the value chain for that opportunity

    Opportunity Deep Dive

    Once our clients identify high-value opportunities to pursue, we first help them better understand the potential partners within a particular space—their teams, technolgies, and differentiators.

    Partnership Vetting + Negotiation

    Once the opportunity is fully validated from a Deep Dive, we provide partnership identification, vetting, and negotiation services to realize its business potential..

    Service Conception

    Once the team is assembled and they’re ready to hit the ground running, we critical operational and industry insights to ensure success around PRD and MRD development

    Partner Development & On Ramp

    We help carriers and other content distributors identify and leverage relevant content for their platforms, and we also help application and content developers secure distribution through carriers and other channels.

    PR / Marketing

    Along with securing deals for our clients, we can also leverage our network of Silicon Valley and Japanese media outlets to help generate relevant PR and marketing exposure.

    Post-Merger Integration

    We also have exerience helping corporate parents navigate the delicate waters of integrating a newly acquired company (and culture) into their existing corporate structure and flows.

    Partner/Portfolio Operational Support

    We help identify ways to quickly and efficiently scale the operations and teams of existing services maintained by our clients and their portfolio companies.

    Business Development Support

    Sometimes our clients will assign us to their portfolio companies, and we then help those companies scale their sales and business development efforts.  Other times we’ll help startups directly.  In either case, solid business growth is the outcome.


    Along with helping our clients with general growth initiatives, we can also leverage our network of Silicon Valley and Japanese media outlets to help generate relevant PR and marketing exposure around those growth initiatives.

    Government Affairs

    For companies in complex, highly regulated industries like telecom, media and technology, we can leverage our network of government and regulatory contacts to better understand the regulatory landscape as well as advocate for our clients to key regulators.

    Case Studies

    Created an unique identity for a global telco in Silicon Valley. [Read more here]

    Executed post-acquisition integration initiatives for a global gaming company. [Read more here]

    Assisted communications equipment provider in entering the US wireless market despite fierce competition. [Read more here]


































      In their words…

      Jon Metzler worked with me to develop and implement a launch plan for Prophet’s efforts in Japan. He helped developed the business and go-to-market plans; worked with me to get approval for those from the Board; utilized his Japan-side network to help build an affiliate ecosystem for Prophet; worked with our operations team to orchestrate the office build-out; and provided support on billable work for our first Tokyo client. He also collaborated with our marketing team for Japan office marketing activities. All in all, Jon helped get our office up and running smoothly in a short time frame and on limited budget. We were immensely pleased with the work Jon did for Prophet.

      Michael Dunn

      CEO Prophet
      Blue Field Strategies has provided consistent, reliable opportunity assessment, business development support, and analog intelligence about trends and players in the US mobile market.

      Tetsu Fukuoka

      Deputy General Manager, Mobile & Internet Business Department Sumitomo Corporation

      I’ve worked closely with Jon Metzler for four years, first as a co-worker and then in his role as consulting Strategic Initiatives and Government Affairs Director to Rosum. He is professional, thorough, conscientious, and is equally comfortable navigating business and government settings. He secured our contract with the Department of Defense and brought us to trial with a VoIP service provider as an E911 solution. Jon handles standards development and partnership development in the mobile TV market and has demonstrated creativity and flexibility in securing a place for Rosum technology.

      Dimitri Rubin

      Former Chief Operating Officer Rosum Corporation
      Blue Field Strategies has been a reliable partner in providing insight, assessment and tactical support in the US mobile and gaming markets.

      Takashi Ishioka

      Group Manager, Organization Development Practice DI

      Jon Metzler helped the jp.shockwave.com team define our audience and worked with the team to manage the design flow of the site. He also worked with content holders to get jp.shockwave.com up on time and on budget. We were very happy with the work Jon Metzler did on the Shockwave Japan launch.

      Isaac Babbs

      Former VP Business Development AtomShockwave


      Jon Metzler

      Founder + President

      Jon Metzler is Founder and President of Blue Field Strategies. Jon provides a variety of US and Asian technology, telecommunications and media clients with business, strategic and regulatory consulting services, including market analysis, due diligence, business development, PR and regulatory advocacy, and executive education. Jon has new business creation experience in print, TV, services, edtech, wireless broadband, wireless location, and events.  Jon is also a Lecturer at the Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley, and is associated faculty for the UC-Berkeley Center for Japanese Studies. He is also a member of the board of the Japan Society of Northern California. Download bio

      Jonathan Jay Goldberg

      Analyst and Strategist

      Jonathan Goldberg has spent his career at the intersection of Technology and Finance. Most recently, Mr. Goldberg built the Corporate Development function at Peregrine Semiconductor. He also participated in the strategic review and eventual sale process for the company which led to Peregrine’s acquisition by Murata of Japan for a 67% premium. Prior to Peregrine, Mr. Goldberg was a Senior Analyst on Deutsche Bank’s Technology Research Team covering Communications Technology. While there, he participated in over 20 IPOs. Mr. Goldberg also spent seven years in the People’s Republic of China where he had a number of roles both at financial and operating companies. He has an IMBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. He has held a CFA since 2007.

      Michi Kaifu

      Chief Analyst

      Michi Kaifu is Chief Analyst at Blue Field Strategies. Michi has over twenty years of international business development and consulting experience in the telecom and IoT sectors. She is also founder of Enotech Consulting, and author of two books, one on Japan’s telecom sector and one on the big data sector. She is a graduate of Japan’s Hitotsubashi University and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

      Sandro Olivieri

      Analyst and Product Strategist

      Sandro is a trained Computer Scientist and MBA who has dedicated his career to helping large and small organizations understand their customers and build products to delight them. A veteran of user-centered design, he leads cross-functional teams of engineers and designers to build products and organizations that make an impact. He has helped a 100-year-old publishing company convert their revenue from all print to all digital. He has built processes that helped an online education company provide one-on-one service to each of its 80,000 enrollees. He was on the founding team of AT&T’s innovation centers, helping AT&T innovate in new product areas including wearable devices, connected car, API and developer services, mobile health, IoT, edtech, and big data. Sandro is also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at an edtech accelerator, and a startup mentor in Silicon Valley.

      Kanako Sakai Jacop

      Office Manager

      Before joining Blue Field Strategies, Kanako worked for Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan as HR Business Partner and International HR Specialist. After working for Mazda, Kanako moved to San Francisco and started working for Blue Field Strategies as the Office Manager. She is in charge of all operations at Blue Field Strategies and also she supports research for gaming and wireless.





      Phil Keys

      Marketing Content Manager, Intertrust

      Phil Keys is Marketing Content Manager with Intertrust Technologies and was analyst with Blue Field from 2012-2016. During his time at Blue Field, Phil focused on IoT, clean tech, security as well as client messaging and outreach.  Before joining Blue Field Strategies, Phil Keys had fourteen years of experience covering the Silicon Valley technology industry as an US correspondent for Nikkei Business Publications. During this time he worked for Nikkei Electronics, considered the magazine of record for the Japanese electronics industry as well as Nikkei InternetTechnology.





      Advisory Board


      Tim Chang

      Managing Director, Mayfield Fund

      Tim is a proven venture investor and experienced global executive. He was named on the 2011 Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Dealmakers, was featured by The Deal as one of five emerging VCs to watch and by the AlwaysON Hollywood IT List recognizing technology leaders in the digital entertainment industry. Tim invests in the mobile, gaming, digital media and enterprise applications sectors and co-leads Mayfield Fund’s investment practice in China.

      Brian Fontes

      CEO, National Emergency Number Association

      Brian Fontes currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Emergency Number Association, a position he has held since June 2008. As CEO, he is responsible for all aspects of the Association. His primary objectives are to ensure that Americans have access to reliable 9-1-1 service, 9-1-1 centers have state-of-the-art technologies and well-trained professionals, and sufficient funding is available so that the 9-1-1 system can best serve those who call upon it as their first voice of hope.

      Andrew Isaacs

      Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business, College of Engineering · Founder and Co-Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation

      Andrew M. Isaacs is a successful scientist, technology company executive, entrepreneur, and educator. He is passionate about mentoring the next generation of technology business leaders and has a strong track record of helping young entrepreneurs launch their careers. Isaacs has worked at the crossroads of advanced technology and business innovation for 25 years, ten of those years at UC Berkeley, helping start-ups and established technology companies create and execute successful growth strategies.

      Best Practices

      by Michi. ** オリンピックというのは、きわめて多くの種目のスポーツが同時並行して競われ、きわめて多くの国が参加して、きわめて多くの視聴者が世界中にいる、という、究極のビッグデータ的イベントです。 周波数と一日24時間という大きな制約がある地上波テレビでは、その中からごく一部分しか抜き出すことができません。また、地上波テレビは多くの場合(日本ならNHK以外)CMでお金を稼ぎますので、CMが流れる瞬間になるべく多くの人が見ているようにしなければなりません。このため、どうしても「最大公約数的」に、その国の選手が活躍する+テレビ向けのメジャーなスポーツを選んで放映します。 アメリカは1970年代頃からケーブルテレビが普及しだして、何度かの政策的な後押しを経て、現在では全家庭の85%程度が、ケーブルまたはその競合の有料テレビを契約するに至っています。ケーブルでは周波数の制約がないので、きわめて多数のチャンネルを設定することができます。スポーツは地上波・ケーブルのキラーコンテンツでもあり、アメリカのテレビ業界ではスポーツは特別な地位にあります。アメリカでは、4大メジャー局のひとつNBCがオリンピック放映権を持っていますが、NBCは傘下にNBCSN、MSNBC、Bravo、USA、Telemundoなどのケーブル・チャンネルがあり、これらのケーブルチャンネルでも放映しています。それでも、放映される中身はやはりテレビ局が選んで編成しています。 さらに、ネットでのオンデマンド放映もあります。この形態がいつ始まったかはよく覚えていませんが、オリンピックでいうとすでに数回はオンデマンドでやっています。最初のうちは、「オリンピック・オンデマンド・パッケージ」のような形で有料でサインアップしなければならなかったので、全く人気がありませんでしたが、2010年前後から、テレビ業界が「ユーチューブ対策」として「TV everywhere」とよばれる方式を積極的に導入し、ケーブルテレビの契約者がパスワード認証で他の端末(パソコン、スマホなど)で番組を見られるようになり、ケーブル契約のオマケとして、オリンピックのオンデマンドが見られるようになっています。 (more…)

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