Good Robots

Much has been made in the press about how robots are going to take our jobs and other perceived threats. It’s not unusual to see some snarky comment about “our robot overlords” in an article somewhere. So, we’re glad to point out a couple of really good applications for robots.

So, do you feel like going out and getting tackled over and over by a 250 pound defensive back? Even if you’re a football player, the answer is most likely no. Here’s an example of how robots are being used to reduce tackles and potential concussions in football practice. And, just in time for the start of football season!

Dartmouth College Adds A Robot To Its Practice Football Team

This one is actually a story about a killer robot. But it’s a robot designed to help save one of the world’s great natural treasures, the Great Barrier Reef.

Starfish-Killing Robot May Save the Great Barrier Reef

We leave you with another friendly robot.
good robot

– Phil