The Signal #44: 5G looks like the WISP business

From our February 17, 2019 newsletter **** Let’s get to it. This year, we’re focusing in on two subjects: Future Japan, and 5G and security.   First, Future Japan. Here we will introduce companies exemplifying the road ahead for Japan, after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, after decades as asset-centered, asset-exporting economy.  If you were to think […]

The Signal #38: how to start an innovation cluster?

From our January 20th newsletter. (Want to read them in real-time?  Please sign up!) ** We often show this diagram in presentations when talking about how Silicon Valley functions. Credit where credit is due: we developed this based on AnnaLee Saxenian’s Regional Advantage, which compared Silicon Valley and Boston / Route 128. Silicon Valley is already a functioning ecosystem. […]

The Signal #35: IT and the Channel

From our November 16, 2017 newsletter.  (Want to read them in real-time?  Please sign up!) *** Working in tech, one often hears about “the channel”. As in, we need to develop our channel partners.  Or, we’re dealing with some channel conflict issues. But generally, the channel is an undercovered  area of tech. Equity analysts don’t make […]