Expertise across the value chain

    Opportunity Assessment + Validation

    We use qualitative and quantitative methods to test, validate, and refine hypotheses about new market opportunities

    Competitive Landscapes + Benchmarking

    We help clients in established industries understand where their competitors are moving, and the broader market dynamics behind those trends

    Market Modeling

    We use quantitative methods to undertstand how large an opportunity could be over a longer time horizon and the value chain for that opportunity

    Opportunity Deep Dive

    Once our clients identify high-value opportunities to pursue, we first help them better understand the potential partners within a particular space—their teams, technolgies, and differentiators.

    Partnership Vetting + Negotiation

    Once the opportunity is fully validated from a Deep Dive, we provide partnership identification, vetting, and negotiation services to realize its business potential..

    Service Conception

    Once the team is assembled and they’re ready to hit the ground running, we critical operational and industry insights to ensure success around PRD and MRD development

    Partner Development & On Ramp

    We help carriers and other content distributors identify and leverage relevant content for their platforms, and we also help application and content developers secure distribution through carriers and other channels.

    PR / Marketing

    Along with securing deals for our clients, we can also leverage our network of Silicon Valley and Japanese media outlets to help generate relevant PR and marketing exposure.

    Post-Merger Integration

    We also have exerience helping corporate parents navigate the delicate waters of integrating a newly acquired company (and culture) into their existing corporate structure and flows.

    Partner/Portfolio Operational Support

    We help identify ways to quickly and efficiently scale the operations and teams of existing services maintained by our clients and their portfolio companies.

    Business Development Support

    Sometimes our clients will assign us to their portfolio companies, and we then help those companies scale their sales and business development efforts.  Other times we’ll help startups directly.  In either case, solid business growth is the outcome.


    Along with helping our clients with general growth initiatives, we can also leverage our network of Silicon Valley and Japanese media outlets to help generate relevant PR and marketing exposure around those growth initiatives.

    Government Affairs

    For companies in complex, highly regulated industries like telecom, media and technology, we can leverage our network of government and regulatory contacts to better understand the regulatory landscape as well as advocate for our clients to key regulators.