Standing Out from the Crowd

The Challenge

A global telco competing in a highly competitive domestic market needed to create awareness, build an investment network, and get to innovators quickly to either invest or on-ramp them onto their mobile networks.  The challenge – how to get access to innovation early, and how to make themselves stand out amongst the many global telcos in Silicon Valley?


Our Solution 

Blue Field used our network of investors, entrepreneurs and organizations to get earlier, faster access to innovation, leading to on-ramp of new services and successful investments by the carrier’s corporate venture fund.  Blue Field also secured earned media in the tech media, leading to heightened client awareness among the venture community, and helped stage events for local and international executives to deliver their message directly.  Blue Field also provided regular updates to a cross-functional client team on investment trends, startups to watch, and fellow telco activities in Silicon Valley.


Measurable Results

Blue Field’s work led to on-ramp of multiple apps and services; securing multiple investment opportunities; launch of a new content service for mobile; and increased awareness among entrepreneurs and investors.