The Signal #12: On-demand economy and beacons of light (日本語版あり)

Friends – Great Scott! It’s been a month since our last update. The good news is that gives us lots to talk about. First, as mentioned last time, the Japan Society of Northern California will indeed host an Innovation Salon on the on-demand economy, Friday May 20 at 5:30pm in San Francisco. Big thanks to […]

The Signal #11: People Matter (日本語版あり)

Friends, It’s been a momentous few weeks. We wrapped up our work for Japan’s NICT. Jon’s Haas telecom and media (and Internet, and sharing) class in the evening MBA program has come to a close. As always, March was a flurry of deadlines and events, and now it’s on to the spring season. Our post […]

The Signal #10: corporate venture, stand strong (日本語版あり)

Corporate venture, stand your ground (日本語版あり)  – The Signal #10 We were kidding when we said the rain had ebbed in the Bay Area. Really kidding.  (In sum: reservoirs are filling, groundwater far from being refilled.) We were struck by the news that Intel Capital might sell off its portfolio, or at least $1B of […]

now is the time for corporate venture

We do a lot of work with larger corporate clients – incumbents looking to understand or harness some form of innovation, or perhaps bring it to market. As an extension of this, we often provide updates on the state of venture capital. This post is inspired by a talk I gave recently to such a […]