An early cord-cutting experiment

A personal post about our household’s own recently ended cord-cutting experiment. *** The NY Times ran a piece on cable subscribers cutting the cord in favor of free, over-the-air HDTV as a way to save some money. At our house, we recently ended a similar experiment of 18 months, wherein we went from Comcast for […]

New report for KDDI Research: The State of TV in America

KDDI Research released a report (Japanese-language; PDF download here) I authored on The State of TV in America (English abstract). This is part 1 of 2, and focuses on the traditional broadcast TV and cable industries, and the advent of “three screen viewing”, to paraphrase Nielsen’s term. Part 2 looks forward, and will focus further […]

Rosum-Siano collaboration

Quick post with my Rosum hat on. Today Rosum announced (pdf link) the launch of its Alloy chip, which utilizes broadcast TV signals to provide precise frequency, timing and location information for mobile devices and femtocells. Alloy was developed in partnership with Siano Mobile Silicon, which provides Mobile Digital TV receiver chips, for handsets, laptops, […]