Guest post for VentureBeat on wireless carrier consolidation post iPhone

Jon provided a guest column to VentureBeat on consolidation of US wireless operators in the years following the iPhone launch, noting how smartphone subsidies have exacerbated the trend towards consolidation. Sprint and T-Mobile, which are less capitalized than AT&T or Verizon, have been very candid about the subsidy burden. Sprint’s Dan Hesse, keynoting the Open […]

New Article in Nikkei Information Strategies

Jon Metzler contributed an article (Japanese-language) on personal data portability (米国デジタルビジネス最前線:SNSポストをすべて返却、ネットの魅力は「個人保護」) for Nikkei Information Strategies’ (日経情報ストラテジー) June 2013 issue (PDF link).