The Signal #19: FujiFilm, social graph integrity, and peripatetic paneling

Reposted from our newsletter. ** Friends, Leapin’ lizards!  A month has passed from our last epistle.  (Didn’t read it? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.)  With fall has come good news. We have started work for FujiFilm’s Open Innovation Hub in Santa Clara.  Open Innovation Hub is a showcase for core technologies developed by FujiFilm, and the company is now […]

The Signal #18: Back to school and Blue Bottle unplugged

Belatedly posted from our August 28th newsletter. ** Friends – Late August means back-to-school, and, in the working world, when suddenly everyone and everything seems to come back to life after the summer.  Around the corner, just beyond Labor Day, waits September, with the usual rush of conferences and deliverables. On a back-to-school note, Jon […]