The Signal #10: corporate venture, stand strong (日本語版あり)

Corporate venture, stand your ground (日本語版あり)  – The Signal #10 We were kidding when we said the rain had ebbed in the Bay Area. Really kidding.  (In sum: reservoirs are filling, groundwater far from being refilled.) We were struck by the news that Intel Capital might sell off its portfolio, or at least $1B of […]

The Signal #9: AI, 5G, dormant elves and turning 9

Friends – Whoa. Two months have passed since our last newsletter. There are many reasons, none good: the elves who normally write this didn’t come back from holiday! There was a (highly) localized calamity! Plague!  Pestilence!  Suffice it to see we have seen the light.  It won’t happen again.  A lot has happened since we […]