THE SIGNAL ISSUE 3- The Return of Manufacturing, the Benevolence of Robots, and Upcoming Events (15/09/23)

  The return of manufacturing & the benevolence of robots THE SIGNAL- ISSUE 3 Friends – Thanks again for the feedback on our last newsletter. They’re fun to write and the positive feedback we’ve gotten has been gratifying. (Haven’t read it? Here it is. And our first one too. Don’t be shy. We‘ll wait.) After the […]

THE SIGNAL ISSUE 2:- Our thoughts on connected cars, IoT device development, and Japan’s shift to temp labor

  Connected cars, IoT device development, Japan’s shift to temp labor, and more THE SIGNAL- ISSUE 2 The summer slows seem to have ended – Bay Area roads, and our inboxes, are full again. We are glad about the annual Burning Man depletion – perhaps we can even hit a San Francisco restaurant or two […]