THE SIGNAL ISSUE 4- Men, machines, and the industrial Internet(s) (15/10/15)

  Autumn=the season of events- Signal #4 Men, machines, and the industrial Internet(s) Hello friends!    First, some personal news: Jon turned 43 this week. It’s a nice prime number, even presidential. (And that president was Dubya. Interpret that as you will.) Also, it means he’s out of the 厄年(yakudoshi, i.e., “bad luck year”) age […]

Welcome to Github Universe

Is open source software the new GIF? A technology that’s been around forever, used by a dedicated minority, making a giant resurgence when the business conditions are right? Well, even if my analogy doesn’t hold up until the end of this post, open source software is certainly seeing a huge resurgence – evidenced by the […]