New Article in Nikkei Information Strategies

Jon Metzler contributed an article (Japanese-language) on personal data portability (米国デジタルビジネス最前線:SNSポストをすべて返却、ネットの魅力は「個人保護」) for Nikkei Information Strategies’ (日経情報ストラテジー) June 2013 issue (PDF link).

Rosum-Siano collaboration

Quick post with my Rosum hat on. Today Rosum announced (pdf link) the launch of its Alloy chip, which utilizes broadcast TV signals to provide precise frequency, timing and location information for mobile devices and femtocells. Alloy was developed in partnership with Siano Mobile Silicon, which provides Mobile Digital TV receiver chips, for handsets, laptops, […]

Wireless alerts on your cellphone

On April 9th the FCC adopted rules in keeping with the WARN (Warning, Alert, and Response Network) Act of 2006, extending emergency alerts to wireless carriers. The Commission opened a docket (04-296) on the subject in 2004, pre-Katrina and pre-Virginia Tech, but both lent urgency to the task. “Participating” wireless carriers will carry emergency alerts […]