The Signal #35: IT and the Channel

From our November 16, 2017 newsletter.  (Want to read them in real-time?  Please sign up!) *** Working in tech, one often hears about “the channel”. As in, we need to develop our channel partners.  Or, we’re dealing with some channel conflict issues. But generally, the channel is an undercovered  area of tech. Equity analysts don’t make […]

The Signal #19: FujiFilm, social graph integrity, and peripatetic paneling

Reposted from our newsletter. ** Friends, Leapin’ lizards!  A month has passed from our last epistle.  (Didn’t read it? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.)  With fall has come good news. We have started work for FujiFilm’s Open Innovation Hub in Santa Clara.  Open Innovation Hub is a showcase for core technologies developed by FujiFilm, and the company is now […]

THE SIGNAL ISSUE 5- Election Season, Student Inspiration, Hardware Prototyping, and more (03/11/15)

  Election Season, Student Inspiration, Hardware Prototyping, and more- Signal #5 Friends – It’s November, which has brought some well-needed rain to the Bay Area. Still, #droughtshaming continues to be contemplated as a valid policy measure. We are not out of the woods. Let it rain!  (We also suggest PSAs like this one with Captain […]