Shoe leather markets

I recently saw the Foursquare sign below at Wolf / Ritz Camera on Market Street in San Francisco. I asked, and they said the parent company had provided it. Someone at Foursquare must have done the retail deal. A lot investment dollars, and print ink, have gone into check-in-style mobile social networks, such as Foursquare. […]

Rosum-Siano collaboration

Quick post with my Rosum hat on. Today Rosum announced (pdf link) the launch of its Alloy chip, which utilizes broadcast TV signals to provide precise frequency, timing and location information for mobile devices and femtocells. Alloy was developed in partnership with Siano Mobile Silicon, which provides Mobile Digital TV receiver chips, for handsets, laptops, […]

The flipside of smartphone uptake

IMS Research (via FierceWireless) provides visual corroboration that power-hungry smartphones may outstrip the capabilities of their batteries. Some refer to this as there being no Moore’s Law equivalent for battery life. Here’s the press release from IMS. The BBC provides coverage of ARM multi-core processors that could facilitate extend battery life on mobile devices.