The Signal #19: FujiFilm, social graph integrity, and peripatetic paneling

Reposted from our newsletter. ** Friends, Leapin’ lizards!  A month has passed from our last epistle.  (Didn’t read it? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.)  With fall has come good news. We have started work for FujiFilm’s Open Innovation Hub in Santa Clara.  Open Innovation Hub is a showcase for core technologies developed by FujiFilm, and the company is now […]

Unlocking Japan (part 1)

A lot of people ask me what I “think about Japan”. It’s a broad question, but usually it implies, do you think Japan will grow again? At that point, I typically point out macro-level trends. Shrinking and aging population. Significant use of temp labor that is paid less than full-time employees, something which has likely […]