Guest post for VentureBeat on wireless carrier consolidation post iPhone

Jon provided a guest column to VentureBeat on consolidation of US wireless operators in the years following the iPhone launch, noting how smartphone subsidies have exacerbated the trend towards consolidation. Sprint and T-Mobile, which are less capitalized than AT&T or Verizon, have been very candid about the subsidy burden. Sprint’s Dan Hesse, keynoting the Open […]

The US wireless market, 6 years since the iPhone, Part 1: operator consolidation

This is the first of a series of posts on what’s changed in the US wireless market since the launch of the iPhone in June 2007.  This first post looks at wireless carrier consolidation. We backtrack past 2007, all the way back to the halcyon, Nokia candy bar-characterized days of 2003. All estimates of total […]

Moderating Entrepreneur’s Forum on Opportunities in TV White Space

Jon is honored to serve as moderator for an upcoming Entrepreneur’s Forum on Opportunities in TV White Space, organized by the Silicon Valley Telecom Council and to be held on February 14, 2013. Quixey will host at their office in Mountain View. Currently Neul and Adaptrum are confirmed as panel participants. This panel will discuss […]