Distilling and delivering

I started lecturing at Haas this fall, one of four teachers running a class on Strategy in Telecom and Media in the Evening and Weekend MBA program. First, it’s an honor, and a joy to be able to come back and provide value to my alma mater. Second, it’s an opportunity to step back and think about my chosen field. What are the metrics that matter? What is the right form of innovation for players in the wireless and media value chain? What are the right market examples to use to make that point?

Evening and weekend MBAs are smart, busy people. They have day jobs and families and are still putting their weekends into this. They don’t have slack in their lives and every hour is spoken for. Given that, I feel the need to make that time and investment matter. It’s a pleasure and privilege to try and do that, in a way that’s valuable for those already in telecom and media, and to those who aren’t.

– Jon