THE SIGNAL ISSUE 5- Election Season, Student Inspiration, Hardware Prototyping, and more (03/11/15)


Election Season, Student Inspiration, Hardware Prototyping, and more- Signal #5

Friends –

It’s November, which has brought some well-needed rain to the Bay Area. Still, #droughtshaming continues to be contemplated as a valid policy measure. We are not out of the woods. Let it rain!  (We also suggest PSAs like this one with Captain America from the early 1980s: Waste the Water Waster!)


San Francisco votes…for balance?

San Francisco voted on Tuesday. On Prop F (aka Initiative to Restrict Short-Term Residential Rentals, aka the AirBnB Initiative), among other local measures. In general, San Francisco voted for…balance. We explore the San Francisco Ethics Commission’s wonderful campaign contribution visualizations.
We also look at AirBnB’s $8M campaign expenditure to defeat Prop F. If we assume 49,426 of the 122,583 votes cast were homeowners, AirBnB spent approximately $160 per homeowner vote. Is it worth it? Check out our
back of the envelope math justifying AirBnB’s campaign expenditures.


Our world is flat(ter)

Recently we had the great experience of seeing Silicon Valley through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Thanks to our friends at LAC in Japan, we recently spent time with Soto Yamauchi, the 14-year-old winner of the SugoUde 2015 contest backed by LAC with the goal of finding and supporting tomorrow’s engineers. We had the pleasure of showing Soto (and his mother) local Bay Area schools, and the Computer History Museum, where, naturally, we geeked out. Soto’s mother gave permission to use the photo below.

Want to feel like you’re part of a continuum? Go to the Computer History Museum, with a student. A hat-tip and big thank you to Soto and his tireless mother, Hiroko, and LAC for inspiring us as consultants and parents.

Hardware prototyping just gets easier

This week, Maker Media convened a panel of 3D printing experts in their Maker Media lab to discuss the industry, the difficulties, and the possibilities. Our product strategist, Sandro, attended the event and noted very interesting discussions in this space.

Meanwhile, the Haas School of Business’s evening / weekend MBA program now offers a course on rapid hardware prototyping. This is the world we live in.

Windows Phone will dominate in 2015

A friend recently revisited Mary Meeker’s predictions from 2010.  That reminded us of the seemingly inescapable Back to the Future Day meme (arriving in the future, on 10/21/2015), made tolerable by the Cubs’ run deep into the playoffs. In an alternate future, Windows Phone won.

Shoe leather

Jon was in Tokyo last week. He tells us he had a lot of meetings.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.06.17.png


Diwali is next week. Get those lights on.


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