THE SIGNAL ISSUE 4- Men, machines, and the industrial Internet(s) (15/10/15)


Autumn=the season of events- Signal #4

Men, machines, and the industrial Internet(s)

Hello friends!   

First, some personal news: Jon turned 43 this week. It’s a nice prime number, even presidential. (And that president was Dubya. Interpret that as you will.) Also, it means he’s out of the 厄年(yakudoshi, i.e., “bad luck year”) age bracket for men. Make sure you tell him he doesn’t look a day over 42. He’ll appreciate it.


On to our regular fare!  Welcome to an uncharacteristically balmy September / October 2015, when the (industrial?) world converges on San Francisco for LOTS of events. To wit:

  • GE Minds & Machines

Precious little was known about GE’s plans for building out their software development capabilities. We knew they had poached top talent from Cisco – Bill Ruh – to head the effort, we knew they were focusing on the Industrial Internet of Things, and we also knew that it was hard to imagine GE as a software company. Well, it’s a lot easier now. Click here to read more.

  • What Universe?
GE is not the only company reaping the benefits of Open Source technologies. Read on to figure out which company is growing tremendously thanks to this technology. I’ll give you a hint- it starts with “Git”
  • TC3 2015

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley held its annual TC3 (Telecom Council Carriers Connection) conference 9/30-10/1. Jon moderated on the Spotlight Stage; Maxine and Phil worked the room. We appreciated the meeting maker function, and, as always, the sense of community that characterizes TCSV events. H/t to the TCSV for a well-run event. (And to John Feland for that three-piece.)

(A snippet from the event- Jon moderating the Spotlight Stage)

  • Keizai Silicon Valley: Demystifying Industrial IoT

We commented on manufacturing and IoT in our last newsletter. In general, we’re bullish on industrial IoT.  On 9/24 at Keizai Silicon Valley, we moderated a panel featuring GE, Fujitsu America, and Ineda Systems.  One question that came up – how to create incentives for systems to talk to each other? What’s in it for Smart City A to interconnect with Smart City B?

  • Welcome to Maxine

We nearly forgot!  Maxine Zhang, our marketing intern and now Ace Associate, joined us as of September, after two years at Rakuten in Japan. She’s making us much much better. Please come say hi.

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