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Welcome to our first newsletter. Given we’re in Year 8 (has it been eight lucky years? Yes it has) of operation, we figured we were due. Why the Signal? We specialize in analog insight in a digital world. Hence, the Signal.To make up for lost time we’re shooting for a monthly newsletter.Today we take a quick look back at the ground we’ve covered; provide some recent articles from us; and most importantly ask for your input on what kind of content you’d like to see in this newsletter. Please let us know at this VERY SIMPLE survey.

It’s been fun looking back at some of our earlier engagements: benchmarking Android when there were only two models in the market; standing in an e-recycling facility seeing where old phones and TVs go; developing the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard. Later, reviewing the fine print in an investment document, or figuring out the economics and network requirements of cloud gaming. More recently our engagements have become more industrial in focus: connected car; cybersecurity; industrial IoT; AI and robotics.

At a time when all things are being connected and the value at stake is tremendous, we are privileged to do the work we do, and are grateful to our clients for their belief in us.

With that, we look forward to your feedback, and to continuing our dialogue with you.

Jon Metzler
Founder and President

Our History


News Bytes
Japan- California Climate Deal Points to Big Business Opportunities

“On Sept. 5, Japan entered into a memorandum of cooperation to expand efforts in environment-related technologies with a government responsible for some 38.8 million people and a gross domestic product of $2.2 trillion. The other party was not a country, however — it was the U.S. state of California… (read more)”

– An article from our very own Phil Keys (Analyst)

Barcelona: The Most Wired City in the World
It’s a showcase for the “smart” metropolis of the future- in which tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM see big profits in helping governments save by tracking data on everything from garbage to traffic to selfies. But not everyone is happy about this new urban reality…(read more)”
ハリウッドが注目! EV中古電池の意外な使われ方 – フィル・キーズ (2015/07/21 付)Ford GTに見た、Fordのソフトウエアへのこだわり – フィル・キーズ (2015/05/25 付)シリコンバレーのVCがデザイナーを登用する狙い – フィル・キーズ (2015/4/28 付)米地方都市、スマートシティー実験台に VBに開放 – フィル・キーズ (2015/1/18 付)

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