THE SIGNAL ISSUE 2:- Our thoughts on connected cars, IoT device development, and Japan’s shift to temp labor


Connected cars, IoT device development, Japan’s shift to temp labor, and more


The summer slows seem to have ended – Bay Area roads, and our inboxes, are full again. We are glad about the annual Burning Man depletion – perhaps we can even hit a San Francisco restaurant or two while the Playa Players deal with that nasty bug infestation.  (h/t Annette Cardwell and Shanan Delp)


With that, welcome to the latest edition of The Signal.


First, thanks to all those who responded to our inaugural epistle. It’s great to hear from you. It turns out newsletters are a great way to stay in touch.  


These past several weeks, we’ve done some thinking around connected cars, and more specifically, autonomous cars and V2V/V2I information sharing, and how to get to critical mass so as to provide society-scale benefits: more efficient traffic patterns, fewer accidents, and, perhaps, fewer dents from people who just don’t know how to park.


In the past several months, we’ve had many conversations about IoT device development support as a service (IoT DDSaaS? Nah). In Japan, we visited the very well-appointed DMM.make Akiba, based on Tokyo’s Akihabara District, aka Electric Town. In San Francisco, we have PCH Highway1 and Hax, among others. There are a LOT of hardware accelerators now. Where the rubber will – or will not – meet the road is likely in the old-school functions of marketing and distribution.  


We recently gave a “Silicon Valley update” to a company visiting from overseas.  In it, we noted that corporate venture investment, in terms of share of deals with corporate venture participation, follows a sawtooth pattern (NVCA data).  Here it is. The percent of deals with CVC participation is shown on the right Y-axis. 2015-1H is almost on a par with 2007, a “peak sawtooth” year, though not quite at 1999 levels.  This seems noteworthy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 16.03.12.png


We spend a fair bit of time looking at and thinking about business in Japan, and see leveraging Japan’s growing body of temp labor and investing in child care infrastructure as key to unlocking growth. With that, we were happy to see what looks like progress on Prime Minister Abe’s plan to award three-year guest worker visas to caregivers.  The internship program that precedes it has been criticized as creating conditions equivalent to indentured servitude. However, we see guest workers as absolutely fundamental in dealing with Japan’s growing population of solo seniors, shown below.




More to come on this subject.


Have a great holiday weekend.  Please keep those emails coming.

– Team Blue Field

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9/30- Telecom Council of Silicon Valley TC3 2015
TC3 is a 2-day, executive summit, where the companies which are building and maintaining the networks come to find innovation.

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