Welcome to Github Universe

Is open source software the new GIF? A technology that’s been around forever, used by a dedicated minority, making a giant resurgence when the business conditions are right? Well, even if my analogy doesn’t hold up until the end of this post, open source software is certainly seeing a huge resurgence – evidenced by the bevy of partners at Github’s first Github Universe conference in San Francisco.


CEO Chris Wanstrath took the stage to detail his company’s rise to 11 million registered users, 36 million unique visitors and over 21.1 million repositories. This growth was certainly spurred on by the community of open source developers who have called GitHub the home of their code for years but, perhaps more importantly, it owes a lot to larger and larger enterprises adopting modern development tools and practices like Git.

While open source software developers were (and in large part still are) Github’s primary user base, there is a growing number of large enterprises (joining Github on stage were folks like GE, Target, John Deere, and Ford) that have partnered with Github more for their git flow and development tools. Sure, a few of them might also dip into the benefits of building on top of (and contributing to) open source repositories, but the main driver is the enterprise development tools for these customers.

Github also detailed plans to reach even further than what is traditionally considered a “developer”. More and more people will need to be involved in the development process as the tools become robust enough to serve them and Github will be at the forefront of that development. There are some competitors in the market to worry about (Atlassian’s BitBucket would be the top one), but with Github’s fiercely loyal open source community behind them, it’s their market to lose.

– Sandro, Product Strategist



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